​​"He possesses the intelligence, diligence, knowledge, integrity and temperament requisite for judicial office."
                                               Honorable Richard Schauer
                                               Presiding Justice, California Court of Appeal, 2nd District (Retired)

"His knowledge of the law, procedures, court rules, and policies is unsurpassed. Simply put he is one of those attorneys who would undertake the role of a judge hitting the ground running...."
                                               Honorable Robert H. O'Brien
                                               Los Angeles Superior Court Judge (Retired)

"I know that Aaron is extremely well qualified to be a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge and am confident that his work ethic and knowledge of the law assures that he will work tirelessly to serve the people of the County of Los Angeles."
                                               Honorable Michael D. Marcus
                                               State Bar Judge (Retired)

"Aaron Weissman demonstrates both the intelligence and legal experience which will make him one of our best Superior Court judicial officers."
                                               Thomas G. Stolpman, Esq.
                                               California State Bar President (1996 - 1997)

"Aaron's moral fiber, ethics, objectivity and highly seasoned legal tenure is exactly what the judicial system needs on the bench."
                                               Laurence M. Stearn
                                               Co-Chairman, Los Angeles Police Department
                                               Community - Police Advisory Board

"Aaron is uniquely qualified to take office and immediately have a positive impact on the court system."

                                               Honorable Mitchell Englander
                                               Council Member, District 12, President Pro-Tempore
                                               Of the Los Angeles City Council and Reserve Police Officer

Aaron Weissman

for Superior Court Judge, Seat 84

                  ELECT A "WISE M​AN" FOR JUDGE

“In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same.”
                                                                                                  —Albert Einstein

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